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Lifestyle Newborn Session Near St. Louis, MO | Older Sibling Expectations

Filed in Newborn — April 26, 2024

The absolute sweetest little duo at my newborn session near Kirkwood, MO.

Big sister kissing newborn baby on forhead.

Hey there! Just a heads-up about older siblings during newborn sessions: they might be a tad different than usual. They could be extra bouncy, extra silly, or even a bit shy. But hey, that’s totally normal and absolutely okay! When you arrive for the session, I don’t expect older siblings to act like everything’s business as usual. After all, they’ve got a lot on their plate: a new sibling, a new routine, and let’s not forget, a stranger (that’s me!) with a big unusual camera! So, no worries if they’re not their typical selves during the shoot. We’ll roll with the punches and capture some awesome moments together!

It’s not uncommon for parents to mention, “Wow, this feels so different from our first baby’s session!” And you know what? That’s perfectly okay! Each session is its own unique adventure, especially when you’re navigating life with a little one who’s now become a big brother or sister. It’s like riding a whirlwind of emotions, isn’t it? Times have changed, there’s a new dynamic with two kiddos, and hey, it’s the first time for the parents all over again! So, if things feel a bit like a tornado of feelings during the session, just know you’re not alone. We’re in this together, capturing these precious moments as they unfold, making memories that’ll last a lifetime!

I’m absolutely thrilled to share this time with you, no matter what’s going on! Whether it’s endless snack breaks, a few tears here and there, games of hide-and-seek, chasing after little ones, listening to long and elaborate stories, or even enduring outright tantrums – I’m here for it all! And you know what? Meeting older siblings on their silliest or moodiest days? That’s just part of the adventure, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Interested in St. Louis area Newborn Session or a St. Louis County Area Newborn Session? I would love to hear from you!

xo – Laura