I’ve had a lifelong love of photography, but my passion didn’t become a business until I was gifted a “fancy camera” in honor of an upcoming trip to the Grand Canyon. 

Once I had the right equipment, it wasn’t long before my hobby flourished into a dream business and Laura Stansberry Photography was officially born. 

Now I spend my days capturing dreamy images in my studio – giving women the gift of lasting memories and treasured heirloom photos.

My favorite part of this job? Helping busy women get images of their family our of their phones and off their hard drives and creating tangible pieces of art they can enjoy every day and pass on for generations.

I believe every family should have beautiful images that reflect the moments in this life, and I’m honored to capture these unique seasons for my clients.

It all began with a trip to the Grand Canyon...

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passionate business owner, YOUR GO-TO PHOTOGRAPHER

My Photography Philosophy:

“Rarely, do I think about how an image looks. I always think about how an image feels.”

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— Henry David  Thoreau

"The question is not what you look at but what you see."

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By the Numbers

Number of Miles Walked on Walking Pad while Editing in 2023


Number of Edited Images Delivered in 2023


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By the Numbers

A Quad Espresso

08. we believe that a perfect morning starts with what?

a. Watching a Movie
b. Going Shopping
c. Reading a Book
d. Exercising

07. What is your go to downtime activity?

Bird Watching

06. tell us your unexpected hobby?

b. California
c. Iceland
d. Portugal

05. What travel destination are you choosing?:


04. This or that? sunrise or sunset?

a. Running
b. Mountain Biking
c. Weight Lifting
d. Hot Yoga

03. what activity would you love to do on a daily basis:

Red Wine

02. Red Wine or White Wine:

a. Macarons
b. Croissants
c. Éclairs
d. Red Velvet Cake

01. What is the signature dessert would you go for:

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At Laura Stansberry Photography we are passionate about working with individuals like you—those who revel in the finer details and savor the richness of exquisite experiences. Your discerning taste and appreciation for life's beauty align perfectly with our approach to photography. For you, it's not just about capturing images; it's about preserving the sweetest moments, encapsulating the emotions and atmosphere that make each memory truly extraordinary.
We value collaboration with you  as a shared journey. Your openness to exploring intimate moments and trust in the creative process allow us to create art that gos beyond expectations. Together, we can craft an experience that reflects not only your refined tastes but also the depth of your life. Your understanding of photography as an art form draws us together, and I'm eager to capture the essence of your moments in a way that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Our clients relish in the finer details and have an affinity for exquisite experiences.

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our clients relish in the details

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